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The Living Experiment: A Baby's Revenge

A Tale of Torture and Mazes (Part 8)

 It's a beautiful new day.  Anna stands in filth, her shoulders slumped from constant depression.  She holds her baby, but never makes eye-contact with him.

He stinks!  Flour sack baby never stunk.  If only he would stop stinking...somehow.

Outside, Victor has a problem.

He tried to cook some hot dogs for breakfast, but he's just not a cook.  At least he's trying.  I decide to reward him.  I open up the whole house to him - maze, roof, and all.

He does what any sane person would do, and washes the dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Finally Anna and Victor can meet face to face.  I'm not sure if he's telling her how lonely he's been, or telling her to stay away crazy woman!

But Anna takes it only one way.  She's going to follow Victor everywhere.

He's just so dreamy!

Not sure if it's the smell or the constant crying, but Victor finds baby Telly on the roof.

Anna seems to be saying, "It's okay, you can keep him."  For a family oriented Sim, she sure doesn't seem to like babies.

 I buy a birthday cake and put some fire pillars on the roof.  It's time for Telly's birthday!  The fire catches Victor as he walks by.

 He does what any insane person would do, and runs over to the baby crib.

This is a bad day for Victor and fire.

Anna chooses this moment to come on to Victor.  At least until her attention span runs out.

I tell her to bring her baby to the birthday cake.  She gags as she holds him.  Flour sack baby never emitted green gasses!

She looks into his eyes and smiles for the first time.  Maybe a toddler will be less work than this!

She tosses Telly up into the air...

...and down comes a toddler.  And he's ready to make his diaper even stinkier.  Anna has a new wish - she wants to have another baby!  For 8,000 aspiration points!

Even Victor thinks he stinks.  He was willing to wash the dishes, but this is too much for him.

Telly cries about his dirty diaper.  He can't change it himself!

But Anna's already gone downstairs.  Victor is there.  Victor makes her smile.

She swims the water maze for her Victor.  He's watching TV, but she's determined to give him a light kiss.

Telly has a moment of inspiration.  He can crawl now!

He decides to ask Anna for a diaper change in person.  He covers the whole roof in a matter of moments.  His strange, glassy eyes sparkle with anticipation.

He can crawl.  And communicate.  This is so much freedom!

But his bubble bursts.  He can't climb down the stairs.

Why did it have to be stairs!

Why was I born into this terrible house!

I'll never get a diaper change.

Telly drops his head.  He sniffs.  This is not the life he wanted.

 When he looks back up, he's a changed person.  He flails his arms and legs, screaming.  I'm not sure what he's saying, but I believe it's something like this:

 "On day, I'll be bigger and stronger.  One day, I will have my revenge!"

The End?

The Living Experiment: Honey, There's a Baby in Front of the Oven

A Tale of Torture and Mazes (Part 7)

 Crypto's hunger and energy meters are both at rock bottom.  But he decides to do the right thing and picks up his son.

He goes into the kitchen - food!  He needs food!  He sets baby Telly down in front of the stove.

He pulls some  ingredients out of the fridge.  But he can't cook them because...wait for it...there's a baby in front of the stove!

He swims through the water maze.  Sleep.  He needs sleep.

He changes out of his swim suit and prepares to get into bed.  But he's hungry!  Food.  He really needs food.

He swims all the way back to the kitchen.  But that baby is still in front of the stove!

There are so many solutions to this problem that it's hilarious.  Move the baby, get a snack from the fridge...but Crypto wasn't built with brains.

Sleep.  He needs sleep.  He swims all the way back to the bedroom, but then he hears his son cry.  He wants to be a good father.

He heads back for the kitchen, but it's too late.  He doesn't make it.

The Grim Reaper disapproves of his stupidity.

Anna is heartbroken.  Her husband is gone!

This?  This is what took him down?

She clears the baby away from the oven.  Now she can cook something.  Food.  She needs food.

But she doesn't use the oven.  She eats a rotten pop tart, with flies buzzing around her head.

Her baby boy is crying.  But she doesn't care.  She just sits and watches TV.

Telly's needs are barely met through the day.  His dirty diapers and bottles are left on the floor.  He's left on the floor.  In fact, his mother has something else on her mind.

Victor.  She wants to kiss Victor.  She keeps trying to "admire" or "kiss lightly", but there's glass separating them.

I'll give her something else to think about.   I move all the furniture to the roof.  No more maze!  Fresh air!  Sunlight!  Moonlight! 

Anna puts Telly into the crib and settles into the bed.  She dreams of Victor.

But life on the roof isn't making her feel any better.

By the next morning, the roof looks the same as the old kitchen.

Diary Excerpts:

Dear Diary, Victor is soo dreamy!  He's all I can think about!    -Anna

Dear Diary, ever since her husband died, this crazy woman won't leave me alone.    -Victor

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